Unique designs

Brand awareness
Every brand is unique. We interpret its personality, style and conventions to identify and enhance the appropriate packaging.
The right handling, volume, material and finish to reveal the brand image are details that matter to us.

Creative approach
Being challenged, reviewing the brief at the source to open new possibilities, creating, drawing, designing… we are passionate about what we do.

Technical expertise
Our knowledge of multi-material tools enables us to consider a wide range of solutions. The price, design requirements and targeted level of quality will steer us towards an informed and pragmatic recommendation.

Complex projects
Unusual volumes. Combined materials. Zero-defect mentality. Innovation. We are known for our love of challenges and ability to meet complex briefs.

Combined materials
Metals, plastics, leather… We are familiar with broad and highly technical briefs. We can bring our partner manufacturers together around a project, orchestrate and optimize the expertise.